Single Outcome Agreements: Guidance to Community Planning Partnerships

The Scottish Government and local government share an ambition to see Scotland's public services working together with private and voluntary sector partners, to improve the quality of life and opportunities in life for people across Scotland. Single Outcome Agreements (SOAs) are agreements between the Scottish Government and Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) which set out how each will work towards improving outcomes for the local people in a way that reflects local circumstances and priorities.

"Single Outcome Agreements: Guidance to Community Planning Partnerships" advises CPPs on the scope and content of new Single Outcome Agreements (SOAs) and on the timetable for agreement of these with the Scottish Government. Through new SOAs, CPPs will mobilise public sector assets, activities and resources, together with those of the voluntary and private sectors and local communities to deliver a shared ‘plan for place’.

The new SOAs will:

- Use an evidence based approach, underpinned by disaggregated data, to drive improvement in meeting the differing needs of local populations;

- Include clear performance commitments that will lead to demonstrable improvements in people’s lives;

- Focus upon reducing outcome gaps within populations and between areas – and promote early intervention and preventative approaches in reducing outcome inequalities; and

- Identify priorities for interventions and include plans for prevention, integration and improvement to promote better partnership working and more effective use of resources.