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Designing Streets contains guidance on how to get street design right. So it should be the main reference when checking how proposals are shaping up, at any given point, during the design process for anywhere in Scotland’s settlements that includes roads or streets.

Working in collaboration with the Society of Chief Officers for Transportation in Scotland (SCOTS), Scottish Government has developed a clear consistent approach to capturing how a proposal rates against each design aspect within Designing Streets. We’ve created concise guidance then a ‘QA summary template’ to record a step-by-step approach to checking. This can be shared between a developer’s design team and local authority officers. It should lead towards a balanced multi-disciplinary judgment on the overall quality of street design proposals.

In support of  ‘Aligning Consents’, we continue to promote the use of the QA template. A number of local authorities have expressed interest in using it, with some already doing so. Please contact Stuart Watson (sm.watson@scotland.gsi.gov.uk (link sends e-mail)) if you would like to know more.

This auditing quality approach has been integrated into SCOTS’ National Roads Development Guide. It could be useful when used alongside, or in parallel with:

Street Technique (B-Plan analytical tool)

Aligning Consents framework