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SCOTS' National Roads Development Guide

Designing Streets is the national policy statement for street design in Scotland containing policies that set out how street design guidance can be a material consideration in planning decisions for streets within rural or urban boundaries.

Research into the implementation of Designing Streets made it clear that any other guidance at a national level that impacts upon the design or improvement of streets must be fully be supportive of Designing Streets.

The Society of Chief Officers for Transportation in Scotland’s (SCOTS) document focuses on how to achieve Roads Construction Consent (RCC) for all new or improved roads for a local authority to adopt. It goes into more technical detail, however there are many areas where its content connects to the design aspects of Designing Streets.

Streets within our settlements that are built or improved are the result of collaboration that includes urban design and engineering. For Designing Streets to be applied well, planners and other designers must fully understand its evidence-base and the wider social and economic benefits that can flow from consistent implementation. Roads and traffic engineers must be expert partners in creating places, confident in applying street design guidance to result in better places for people.

Scottish Government contributes to the review panel of SCOTS’ guide. It should be used with close reference to Designing Streets itself and also to any relevant local authority guidance.

Local Authority Street Design Guidance Template