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Designing Streets

Designing Streets is the first policy statement in Scotland for street design and marks a change in the emphasis of guidance on street design towards place-making and away from a system focused upon the dominance of motor vehicles. It has been created to support the Scottish Government’s place-making agenda.

Designing Streets Research

In Autumn 2012, the Scottish Government commissioned research, by Anderson Bell Christie, into Designing Streets. The aim was to understand how well the policy was being applied across Scotland. As a result a number of recommendations were drawn up and, following on from this, a plan of practical action has created a range of tools designed to help the policy be applied, more rigorously, to developments at whatever stage in the process.

Designing Streets Toolbox

The tools are about achieving action in three areas: GUIDANCE, PROCESS and CONFIDENCE. Each tool has been created to do a specific task and they have been deliberately designed to be easy to apply across a range of different practices. One intention is to help improve the efficiency, and delivery, of the Road Construction Consent and Planning process. Some of the tools have been developed in conjunction with Transport Scotland and SCOTS. The tools, however, are not intended to be ‘fixed’ as they will be amended and tuned, over time, the further they get used and developed. To access the toolbox, click on each one (above) and learn more about how it can help the design, and development, of your proposal or masterplan.

5 Streets Project

Greenspace Scotland have developed a ‘5 Streets Project’. This is an idea whereby current streets are ‘retrofitted’ to become Designing Streets compatible. To find out more click here.