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This website is part of Creating Places - the Scottish Government’s policy statement on architecture and place.

The policy is led by the Architecture, Place, Delivery and Engagement team within the Scottish Government, which is part of the Planning and Architecture Division.  The team advises Ministers on design issues and is responsible for the development and implementation of policies on design in the built environment.

For further information contact:

Creating Places

The Scottish Government
2-J (South), Victoria Quay,

Email: architecture@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

The Scottish Government works closely with Architecture and Design Scotland (A+DS) which is Scotland's champion for excellence in placemaking, architecture and planning and is a key delivery body for this policy.

A+DS is an executive Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) promoting the value of good architecture and sustainable places; including exhibitions, events and education programme for the public and advice, resources and support to practitioners in the built environment sector. A range of information and free resources are available on www.ads.org.uk

Architecture and Design Scotland
Bakehouse Close, 146 Canongate,
Edinburgh EH8 8DD


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