SSCI Charrette Mainstreaming Programme funding 2015-16

The Scottish Government confirmed the continuation of the Charrette Mainstreaming Programme for 2015-16. The scheme was piloted in 2011-12 and has expanded over the years with support given to over 30 charrettes in total since then. 

For 2015-16, the budget was increased to £300,000 and, in addition to local authorities, we invited community groups and 3rd sector organisations to apply for a grant and take the lead in setting up a charrette for their community. As in previous years, SG is providing 50% of the funding required, the balance to be provided by the sponsor (applicant).  The application period for this grant funding has now ended and applications are no longer being invited.

The focus of the 2015-16 charrette programme is on 3 key areas:

  • Projects that link community planning and spatial planning processes
  • Charrette projects commissioned directly by communities
  • Linkages between town centre action plans and community plans

The programme also encouraged projects applying to the charrette fund to consider the delivery of charrette outcomes.   Linkages with other participatory democracy initiatives – such as participatory budgeting – were encouraged. 

Full details are available at

or contact Jamie Combe (0131 244 7461) or Sandy Robinson (0131 244 7446)



Photograph of a town plan being marked up during charrette process