Loch Lubnaig Beag - Scottish Scenic Routes project


Winning entry by Ruairidh Moir for the Scottish Scenic Routes initiative.

Ruairidh Moir’s project will nestle between the trees into a natural hollow in the landscape already enjoyed by visitors for its elevated position and views over Loch Lubnaig.   The design works to enhance the natural form and qualities of the viewing place with minimal intervention. It cuts a little deeper into the hollow to provide shelter and curving seating, and the viewing place will be screened visually and acoustically from the nearby road above by a small embankment.  Its position is to be signalled visually from the road by a mast rising from within the hollow. A canopy over the seating and a safety fence above will be plant-covered, adding to the effect of a project which seems to grow from the land.

Planting and growth are encouraged throughout the project by planters and wires or by other means.  The earth is to be retained by a timber crib holding granular infill to support selected planting within the voids of the crib construction. Turf will enchase the hollow and will blend the viewing platform into its surroundings.  Woodland flowers will form part of the planting along with ivy.  In the centre of the hollow will be a sunken hearth around which visitors can congregate within the sheltered embrace of the land, looking out over Loch Lubnaig.

Access to the viewing platform will be along an approach wall, again designed to encourage plant growth.  Materials chosen for surfaces include woodchip bark, which will allow for heavy footfall without looking tired.  This will also contrast with the turf and harmonise with the timber crib.

The seating, which is to be embedded into the wall, together with a small curved promontory cantilever are formed from metal grilles, providing a light contrast to the organic forms and giving a poetic impression of a half hidden architecture overgrown by nature.


Ruairidh graduated from the University of Strathclyde School of Architecture in 2013

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Loch Lubnaig Beag - Scottish Scenic Routes project