Creating Places Together

by Ian Gilzean, Chief Architect for Scotland

Scotland’s new architecture and place policy was launched on 24th June 2013.   The new policy underlines the Government’s commitment to quality architecture and to the profession.   Arguably, the most significant feature is that the new policy has widened its scope to include place.

Well-designed buildings and places are central to achieving the Government’s ambitions.   Quality places can enrich our lives, and benefit Scotland’s communities in many ways.   Design can play a critical role in contributing to a whole range of Government policies, including assisting in delivering: better health;  environmental targets;  inward investment, and raising Scotland’s international profile across the globe.

The new policy articulates these ambitions.  And it accompanies ambition with action.  The action plan  contained on this site sets out the programme of work which we will embark on  with our delivery partners.   We will regularly report back on how we are doing, and what we have achieved.   And I invite you to share your success stories with us here too at

The policy makes clear that delivery requires joint commitment and partnership working.   I hope that this site will be a useful resource for public, private, and voluntary sectors, for communities, and everyone with an interest in the built environment.  We want to ensure that good practice on architecture and place informs the dialogue we have together, and inspires us to collectively create quality places which endure.