2. Investment: decisions informed by place

This section contains projects and initiatives that are underway to deliver the policy commitments related to Investment: decisions informed by place.  Work across the range of commitments is on-going and further actions and projects will be added as they are developed.


Communities and places benefit from investment decisions that consider all impacts – societal, environmental as well as economic.

Decisions should prioritise long term benefits. The public sector should set an example by ensuring high design standards are adhered to in public procurement.


Action Plan Commitment Delivery Actions

We will work with Scottish Futures Trust on processes and initiatives that help to promote the benefits of the whole place approach and deploy strategic design to facilitate innovative investment solutions.


We will work with the design industry to ensure that the outcomes of the Scottish Government Review of Construction Procurement are implemented and improve processes

On 22 October 2013, Robin Crawford and Ken Lewandowski published their report on the review of procurement in construction (link is external)
The recommendations have now been accepted in full – with the exception of one, relating to the appointment of a chief construction adviser.   Work is underway to implement these.


We will promote the prioritisation of design in public procurement.

Research will be commissioned into the prioritisation of design processes within public sector procurement.  This research is expected to form the basis of future guidance.  It is expected that a research contractor will be appointed in late September 2014.

In addition, the Scottish Scenic Routes pilot project aims to promote the benefits of prioritising design in public projects. Further information on the Scottish Scenic Routes pilot can be found here.

Additional information can be found here:


We will work with Architecture and Design Scotland to:

• promote the benefits of whole-life building costs;

• embed the value of a design-led approach; and

• deliver projects to encourage longterm approaches to public and private investment and decision making.

We commissioned a research project into the value of design and this has now been published:



We will develop guidance for public bodies, communities and other project commissioners on how to produce effective briefing. This will focus on improving economic, social, health and environmental outcomes, that take a place-based approach, and that consider communities as the key user.  This will also promote the importance of a simple, clear and effective client–designer relationship.

The design-led procurement guidance will be developed to assist project commissioners to develop briefs that are appropriate, effective and that maximise outcomes across a range of areas.

Better Briefs for Better Outcomes - Architecture + Design Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage worked with Dumfries & Galloway RTPI Chapter on a workshop to on a design-led approach to making better briefs. A copy of the report can be found here (link is external).